Product Launch

When Pilkington launched Spacia™, a uniquely thin insulating glass perfect for historic homes, the glass manufacturer needed to connect with the right audience via channels and content that only AIM Marketing Services, with its deep relationship to the restoration and preservation industry, could provide.

Winston-Salem Union Station: A Pilkington Spacia Restoration Project

The Bird Cage Stair: A Pilkington Spacia Restoration Project

Pilkington North America History and Innovation

Pilkington Spacia: Innovation for Historic Restoration


Pilkington approached AIM Marketing Services with interest in accessing our audience of professionals – contractors, building owners, facility managers, developers, architects, custom builders, interior designers, and tradesmen – who buy and specify billions of dollars of building materials for the renovation and restoration of historic buildings and historically inspired new construction. We have first-hand access to the audiences of Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines, a prime market for such a preservation-minded project.


AIM Marketing Services elevated Pilkington’s product launch beyond promotion and provided education for and meaningful communication with prospective customers via three videos and two written articles, all produced by AIM Marketing Services and promoted via strategically targeted email campaigns, website integration, and social media posts.


The campaign garnered immediate results, ushering in a meteoric rise of requests and conversions related to Spacia™. In less than two months, roughly half of the inquiries to Pilkington’s email and hotline were regarding Spacia™. Pilkington has since contracted AIM Marketing Services for another video campaign.



The Bird Cage Stair: Pilkington Spacia™ Restoration Project

Learn how the iconic “Bird Cage” staircase at the Milwaukee War Memorial has been fully restored using Pilkington Spacia™ Vacuum Insulated Glazing.

Vacuum Insulated Glass, Innovation for Historic Restoration

Learn about the dramatic changes in glass processes and technologies that have occurred over the last 100 years.