Monthly Newsletters

With a creative, comprehensive email campaign strategy, AIM Marketing Services created an inspiring and effective outlet for Hull Works to connect with their audience and to share their expertise and latest work.


Hull Works is a renowned custom builder of classical and traditional homes and expert on architectural and restoration millwork. With 25 years of experience and deep expertise, Hull Works sought to share insights and inspiration about the company’s current projects, travel, and upcoming events with a wide-ranging audience.


With an experienced staff and a strong understanding of both digital marketing and the home-building industry, AIM Marketing Services planned, curated, designed, and built a dynamic monthly newsletter campaign that drew on Hull Works’ portfolio, videos, podcasts, events, and more to educate and captivate the reader. Then, through careful, continuous analysis of the campaign’s performance, AIM Marketing services was able to precisely adjust the content and layout to reflect the desires of the readership and better serve Hull Works’ audience.


Compelling, thoughtfully curated newsletter content that yielded impressive engagement, with a 38.8% average open rate and 5.41% average click-through rate, effectively driving traffic to Hull Works’ website, podcast, and social media channels.