Lead Generation

Coventry Log Homes partnered with AIM Marketing Services to cultivate a lead generation program that transforms the log home company’s years of expertise and robust portfolio into exclusive digital content that ultimately connects them to potential new clients.


A leader in the log home industry for more than 50 years, Coventry Log Homes boasts a rich portfolio of projects all over the world as well as a team of experts with experience to share. They came to AIM Marketing Services to tap into our engaged, enthusiast audiences via custom-made content that resonates in order to reach new leads.


AIM Marketing Services is part of a publishing company with a long history of creating content that serves niche audiences, particularly in the log home building field. Through a lead-generation program created and executed by AIM Marketing Services, in which readers access exclusive content in exchange for their email address, Coventry is able to connect with new, interested users. This content takes the form of both PDF downloads as well as live and on-demand webinars that allow Coventry to connect more intimately with prospective clients while showcasing their depth of expertise. The marketing around the content programs includes strategic social media and newsletter campaigns.


Taking the form of seven unique written pieces and eight webinars, the content created for Coventry has garnered the interest of thousands of new leads and continues to drive brand awareness while showcasing the company’s capabilities.